footbrawl: Paul Gallen remains undefeated after brutal battle with Junior Paulo

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Paul Gallen, midway through the second round, looked gone.

Everyone in the Hordern Pavillion - and the entire state of Queensland - leapt to their feet as the NSW captain copped a flurry from Junior Paulo.

The only thing junior about Paulo is his name. Taller and about 20 kilograms heavier, the Canberra prop found his range and appeared to be on the brink of a monumental upset.

Dave Smith's lasting legacy as NRL CEO was his 'one punch and you're off rule'. Nate Myles spoiled it for everyone when he headbutted Gallen's fist. It means it is only at events like this, the Ladbrokes Star of the Ring Charity Fight Night, that we find out whether a footballer can throw them.

Junior Paulo can throw them.

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