No Limit Management Presents Dreamtime Awards for for Indigenous Excellence Entertainment

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Dreamtime Awards

No Limit Management is bringing Dreamtime Awards for Indigenous Excellence Entertainment which is an opportunity for First Nation people from across our country to come together and recognise our excellence in the categories of Sport, Arts, Academic and Community.

The National Awards will have nominations from across the country.

Nominations will open to the public to nominate people in the Community, Education Awards and our Major Awards between 4 September and close - 13 October. 

Following this process a panel of expert judges will determine the top 4 nominees in each category from the nominations and will also determine the nominees from the Sports and Arts awards that are not open to public nomination. 

All award nominees will be announced the 13th October and invited to attend the night of the Dreamtime Awards.

Go to www.dreamtimeawards.com.au for more information.


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